Hair needs doing!The best thing I love about being a colourist is the joy it brings to the client.
When I blow wave their hair and they see the results of the choice of colours they have made come to life.

When there is mixed colours like foils, this give the hair the look of movement. It is fun to mix it up when it comes to colouing. Your hair can forever change with you.

When choosing a style consider:

  • The shape of your face
  • Skin colour and tone
  • Condition of your hair
  • Practicality

Neat HairColours and Foils

The colours product I use at Bloom is Life Colour plus by FarmaVita.
Tint application for most people is on their regrowth . Developing time on this is between 30 / 40 mins Clients like to pick their colours to suit who they are .

If you have never had any colour at all the safest way to start is to have a few foils. Foils are taking sections in the hair and weaving small amounts of hair out and placing a foil panel under the weaved out hair, then the colour is applied and the foil is the folded to keep it separate from the rest of the hair. This way you can have them as fine or thick as you like, and, as many as you like. The best thing with foils is that more than 1 colour can be used to create any look you like .For example; a 1/2 a head of foils would mean the foils are veiled around the face area and some are put on the crown.. This gives an wonderful affect.

Color Herbe

Color Herbe Permanent Hair Color Color Herbe Hair Colour Selection

Fanola Crema Colore

Fanola colour selection

Fanola Colour Selection

Dressing The Hair

The true meaning of hair dressing to me is Dressing the Hair with the finishing touches.Blow wave, styling products and of course hair spay.
Then we both get to truly see the result of either your colour or hair cut.
To get best results from a hair cut it is better if the hair is shampooed right before the cut. This can be done in the salon or right before you come for your hair cut .
What I love the most about hairdressing is the smiles on my clients faces . The weddings I am privliged to be involved in and the pictures I take of those weddings.
Creating makeup to suit your skin tone for all occasions . I get so excited when you look in the mirror and smile because you love what you see.

I started playing with people’s hair when I was at school. I was the girl at the back of the sports carnival playing with all my friends plaits and ponytails. LOL. I even gave my friends neck massages back then.
I was a young mum at 21 I started hairdressing in a salon at 22 and I never looked back. I have continuously added more to what I do . I joinded Nutrimetics in 2004, just to learn how to apply makeup properly. I have used their products ever since. I have tried others, but as I have very sensitive skin I found no other products were suitable. I use Nutrimetics products in the salon all the time .
I love their spray Nurti rich oil . I have also been a guest speaker at a Nutrimetics conference about facial massage movements. Now that was scary for me and my knees were jumping, but I did it!
I am so much better 1 on 1 doing people’s hair

Special Occasions

Hair and Makeup Combo

Do you have a school formal or wedding comming up?
We have a special prices for these occasions and are happy to attend your home for wedding preparations. Be sure to book well ahead to avoid disapointment.

Salon Hair Prices

NB: Prices are subject to change, your more than welcome to ask for a quote prior to your service

Hair Treatment

SHAMPOO CUT is a double cleanse, then conditioned.
You get a better cut if the hair is freshly shampooed
SHAMPOO, CUT, BLOW WAVE this is a double cleanse with a shampoo selected for your hair type , then conditioned followed by your style cut. Finished off with a blow wave
COLOUR, CUT, BLOW WAVE REGROWTH APPLICATION. Your processing time is 45mim. During this time you can enjoy a cuppa and browse a magazine. The colour is then rinced and thououghly removed. A moisturising treatment is then applied to keep your hair maximum condition. During your treatment you will receive a soothing scalp massage. Finished off with your style cut and blow wave.
1/2 HEADFOILS this is for one colour, any additional colours are $10 each but this price does include your shampoo style cut and blow wave.
FULL HEAD FOILS this is for one colour, additional colours are $10 each. This price does include your shampoo style cut and blow wave.
PERM SHORT this includes your shampoo style cut and blow wave.
MEDIUM PERM this includes your shampoo style cut and blow wave
LONG PERM this includes your shampoo style cut and blow wave.
SPIRAL PERM this includes your shampoo style cut and blow wave.