Pedicure, Manicure & Nail Art

For Your Feet

Everyone knows that it feels nice to get a pedicure. Getting some extra time spent on pampering the toes and legs is always welcomed. Even the polished toenails look wonderful and make you feel so pleased with yourself. There are also physical benefits to getting a pedicure on a regular schedule. While your manicurist/pedicurist is working on your feet, they are doing more than just playing with your toes. By removing the dead skin and calluses with either pumice, or other implements, your pedicurist is helping to improve the appearance as well as your comfort. Having calluses on your feet can cause uneven pressure when you walk or stand that can also lead to the pain you feel when on your feet all day.

Many pedicurists also use foot reflexology while giving pedicures. This helps stimulate the blood flow to the feet and legs and provides the relaxation you feel when someone is massaging. The massage in a pedicure or manicure is one of the most important parts. Massaging certain spots on someone’s foot sends signals to other parts of the body to encourage overall health improvement anywhere in the body. Depending on the amount of pressure, the area being worked on, and the ailment of concern you can see results from eyes to liver to solar plexus.

In the case of spa pedicures with various scents there are additional benefits above and beyond the physical. It has been a studied for years that certain scents and oils can be beneficial for improving circulation, focus, memory and mood. Pedicures that incorporate scents often have several of these benefits included with them. The smell of lime invigorates the mind, sugar excites, vanilla relaxes. All of these may seem like simple scents you are paying more for but are actually making your pedicure great, instead of just good. Leaving the salon with pretty toes may seem like the only you get, but you are also gaining a good mood and better health. Besides, it never hurts to have pretty toes.

For Your Hands

Benefits of Manicures
The primary purpose of all types of manicures is to improve both the feel and look of your fingernails and hands. They also clean, shape, strengthen and make your nails more attractive.
Other benefits of manicures include:

  • Improvement of the texture and health of your fingernails and hands.
  • Helps prevent the formation of hangnails.
  • Treats broken or sore skin around your nail.
  • Helps to prevent mail damage such as cuts, splits or fragile tips.
  • Manicures with massages help improve skin health through increased circulation.
  • Discourages wrinkling of your hands.

Manicures are a beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands. You can perform them on yourself or you can have your manicurist do them for you. Your hands are used everyday for many different tasks and you probably do not think much about the abuse that they go through so a manicure every once in awhile is something that every hand can benefit from.

European Manicure
This is one of the more simple types of manicures but extremely pampering. With the European manicure, your hands are soaked in a nourishing and soothing blend of water and herbs. Then your nails are shaped the way that you prefer and painted with your favorite nail polish color.

Paraffin Manicure
Anyone that has overworked, tired or dry hands, must make time for a paraffin manicure. Paraffin is essentially a heated wax that infuses your skin with intense moisture, leaving it supple and smooth. A stimulating hand massage is typically included along with a basic shaping and painting of the nails. Paraffin treatments generally include specialty moisturizing oils such as grape seed.

Acrylic Nailsnailart

The artificial nails are not a replacement, but an extension for natural nails. There are two main approaches to creating artificial nails – tips and forms.

Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are “nail”-shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail and acrylic is then applied over the entire nail
Tips are now available in many different colors and designs, ranging from simple colors such as yellow or blue to flamboyant designs such as animal prints and mixed metallic colors.

Forms are fitted over the nail and then an artificial nail is molded out of acrylic and the form is removed and then properly shaped and buffed to a shine.

There are several popular techniques that can be used to create longer, better-looking nail enhancements.
Acrylic nail powders are available in a variety of colours and can use “special effects” such as contours, sparkles and the very popular French manicure (pink or tan and white appearance).
French tips also come in many other colours and I am always adding to the collection you to choose from.

Acrylic Nails help conceal or fix broken, damaged, short, or bad nails. It also helps prevent people from biting their nails, breakage of nails, and protect splits. They are used when people are not able to grow the length and strength of natural nails that they desire.
This problem can be solved by using certain nail techniques such as nail tipping, sculptured nails, nail wrapping, or acrylic overlays.

Nail Art