Angel Reading

When connecting to do a reading all I need is your permission, and your First Name.
The cards I use took 6 months to create with the help of my Angels.

When you have your first reading your Angels usually recap some of your life already lived so you know that I am connecting with your energy. Then they usually confirm what is happening now so you know that you’re on track . All you need to do is open your heart and your mind to your Angels .
You can be confident that if there are things you want kept private it will stay that way.

Sometimes it’s family members that are the guides to sending messages . I might see flashes of person/place/object, or sometimes, I smell the flowers they grew or food they have cooked. It just depends on the way they know that you will remember them.

If you have any questions please call me on (02) 4683 1824
It is better in person for a reading , I can do it over the phone or send it to you via email .

I wish you all Love and Light on your Journey in this Life.

Angel Cards


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